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As-5008t 8bay Storage System 2.41GHz 1GB 4x Gbe 3x USB3 2x USB2 Hdmi

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Référence: 90IX00D1-BW3S10
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high performance technology an intel celeron 2.41ghz dual-core processor and 1gb ddr3l memory, provide premium, energy efficient processing power. with read/write speeds of up to 112 mb/s, the as50 series' excellent performance is sure to satisfy your storage application needs.furthermore, when as50 series devices need more computing power, they can increase the cpu computing power from the original 2.41 ghz to 2.58 ghz, providing a smooth and seamless experience.
effortlessly upgrade memory depending on your usage preferences, you can decide whether or not you want to upgrade memory. as50/51 devices provide users with the ability to flexibly upgrade memory so there is no